Welcome to the CSO Contemporary Learning Framework

The is an exciting development for all teachers and schools in the Diocese of Lismore. For the first time we have a jointly constructed and unifying statement of beliefs about learning in our diocese. The Contemporary Learning Framework is a diocesan response to the challenge to clearly articulate what we value as our educative purpose, our agreed pedagogy. The CLF neatly expresses what we value and believe about learning. The statement guides, challenges and supports the notion of powerful learning. It will help us shape the appropriate curriculum to serve our educative purpose for our current and future context – the context of the learning in the emerging Knowledge Era.

This website is for all teachers. The site should become a regular reference for principals, coordinators and staff. It contains a wealth of resources, ideas and information to support a better understanding of the CLF. The Catholic Schools Office will add to and improve the site, responding to school needs and focusing on improving teacher practice and student outcomes.


Innovation and evidence-based practice is central to engage, enable and empower all learners. The Contemporary Learning Framework (CLF) provides reference and direction to support parish schools communities in the integration of faith, life and culture. It offers different entry points which are flexible and adaptable to individual school context and professional needs. The CLF drives school improvement through a shared language and approaches to contemporary learning.